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We love it!!! It looks so real, like we could actually touch her. We are sooo happy with the portrait - you are amazing and you captured our Zoe girl's gentle spirit beautifully!
- Melissa P., Rocky Mount, North Carolina


Hey Jane,
You've done it again!!!!!! Wow. You have captured Sebastien to a tee. Janice just forwarded the photo of the piece and it is spectacular. I can't believe how special it is. She mentioned you might be coming out this way. Please I would love to meet you and express what great joy and pleasure you have given me with these portraits. Thanks again.
- Daniel M. NYC


"Hi Jane - Tuffin's amazing portrait arrived today - right on time. Simply amazing - so dear, so darling and so Tuffin. Thanks for the framing hints. I can't wait to take it in and find the perfect frame for the perfect portrait. Such fun. How happy you've made me with your awesome talent.... It is so amazing to work with a person of such skill and most of all understanding of the subject".
- Nancy B. St. Louis, Missouri


"Jane… I just 'really' looked at the painting. Had a quiet moment to do so and am thrilled and amazed. It made me cry. You have such a way and captured a beautiful spark of this animal and his personality. Wow! His little sparkle in his eye is so him.. Thanks for an amazing picture… hopefully many more to come. You are so talented."
- Heidi A., Sonoma, California


"On a whim I decided to see if Escher made it on to your website and, like a proud mother, beamed when I saw his portrait leading the group on the Pet Portrait page! I love the oil of Escher – look at it every day. Can’t wait to have a reason to get the other dogs done."
- Beverly A. Phoenix, Arizona


"Dear Jane, Thank you for a very Great job done. Dan and I are so pleased, beyond words. We can't wait till the rest of the clan is done."
- Jan P. San Francisco, Calif. and Dan M. New York, NY


"Oh, Jane, it's beautiful!!! I love it! You really captured him. Thank you sooo much.  This special piece of artwork will always be a part of our family." - Gaylen Corbett, Dana Point, Calif.


"Lux, Presto, and Chico"
We LOVE the portrait! I knew that you were the right artist to do this for us. It really captured their individual spirits and we love how you did the background with the rug, etc. Thank you, it is awesome-- we are very happy!!" - Jeff F. Moss Beach, Calif.


"Jake, Jasmine and Scratch"
"Dear Jane, Thank you so much for the truly extraordinary pastel painting of Jake Jasmine & Scratch! You have managed to reproduce their faces and expressions in a work of art that Hugh and I will treasure forever. Everyone who has seen the painting has commented on how accurate the likeness is and how deftly you have captured the dogs' personalities and moods. We are thrilled, also, with the stunning, soft-hued palette you chose and the imagination and skill you put into capturing incidental details: dog collars and licenses, the adorable white patch on Scratch's chest, plants and flowers in our yard, the ochre color of our front steps, the black railing on our porch, and so on. These are the marks of a truly accomplished artist! Thank you for all the care you put into the execution of our painting. Warmest regards." - Noah G. Berkeley, Calif.


"A quick note to let you know that Bee's portrait arrived yesterday safe and sound! It looks beautiful and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing her little spirit in such an original way. I was blessed to come by your work and meet you, and I do hope we stay in touch. If you have a mailing list I would love to be on it so that I can keep up with your work! Thanks again." - Laura G. Oberlin, Ohio


"Thank you a million times over for the portrait you did of my dog Lucy! It is truly amazing and I started to cry immediately when I opened the package. You somehow captured her entire personality in the painting. I was blown away. I couldn't have asked for a better tribute to her.... I am also honored that you put her picture on your website homepage!!! Thanks again." - Audrey R. Berkeley, Calif.


Yes!! It's wonderful Jane, thank you so much. Steve is thrilled with it. We are going to hang it in our living room which is home to those couches. You really captured our precious Annabelle. Many Thanks. I would be happy to be a reference for you any time." - Sissel M. Atlanta, Georgia


"Elliott and Dot"
"I just wanted to say thank you again for creating such a special gift. The portrait is a beautiful piece of art that captures Elliott and Dot perfectly. Being able to meet you made it even more special. Elliott's comment was that there was nothing that I could have given him that would have been more perfect. Thank you again for your time and creation and I look forward to perhaps another piece." - Rick B. San Francisco, Calif.


"Ruby and Jess"
"Jane, we all loved the painting. You did a fabulous job. You really caught Ruby's inquisitive, ready but not wild curiosity. A fantastic portrait....and Jess is definitely in the background protecting, it is a beauty. Thanks for putting your heart into it."
- Joan W. Woodstock, NY


"I just love the portrait!!!! It just looks exactly like Rocketman. Thankyou so much for capturing his very essence. He's a special part of our family-and you have memorialized him. I am going to have it framed and hung in our living room. Everyone who has seen it loves it!" - Clarita Z. New York, NY


"OH MY GOD!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! That painting came out great! You got his 'look' where he peers at you with intelligence. I am so impressed with the painting and absolutely love it. Thankyou so much!!!!" - Tamara M. Penbroke Pines, Florida


"Absolutely outstanding. This is Forrest for sure. You have outdone yourself, not really, everything you do is to perfection with not only the art but the emotion.I just love it and Dan will probably faint!!!!!" - Jan P. SF, Calif.


"Oh Jane, it is gorgeous and he really is as good looking as you made him!! It arrived in tip top shape and I was home to immediately open it because I have a nasty cold. What a pick me up the picture was!! Thankyou so much...and after the holidays let's talk about Simon the bulldog. You ARE a master artist. Blessings." - Melissa H. Oregon City, Oregon

"That is amazing. You totally caught Tucker's personality, and his keen intelligent eyes. Fantastic. We love it. You really caught Tucker's spirit . . . Excellent." - Christine H. Oregon City, Oregon


"OH Jane it's so gorgeous!!! Oh I can't wait to hang him up! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!" - Leah S. New York, NY


"LOVE IT!!! Thank you sooo much." - Dana N. Greenwich, Connecticut


"Sarah and Maisy"
"OH MY GODDDD!!!! It's unbelievable." - Susan R. Woodstock, New York

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